PDX Nectar is about more than just a jar of honey. Itís about supporting local beekeepers, and through them their bustling hives. Itís about integrity, and knowing exactly where your food comes from right down to the geographic region. Itís about complexity, and pairing a jar of single-source local honey with your favorite foods based on distinctive tasting notes. At PDX Nectar we tirelessly search for unique, delicious, and authentic raw honey. Weíre happy to deliver the results of that search to you.
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We want PDX Nectar to be the first and last company you think of when it comes to locally sourced, small batch raw honey. We want you to know your beekeeper, and the family of bees that make your honey. We want you to rest easy knowing that our honey is never ultra pasteurized, ultra filtered, or blended with other honey and artificial sweeteners. And we want you to feel confident buying honey that not only tastes great, but that also contributes to making our world a better place, through pollinator promotion and supporting local farmers.

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